Scott Peterson trial

Mark my words

Startling new developments!

Not even a week ago, I made bold predictions for the new year. I hate to say "I told you so" but I told you so!

Larry King

Flipping through the channels Friday night, there was Larry King "live" — surely that must just be an animated wax figure — doing an hour-long retrospective on the Lacy Peterson murder!

OK, I know I said cable news would "bruit 'startling new developments' in the Lacy Peterson murder case" and a retrospective isn't exactly startling new developments, but it's close enough!

What's up for next week's program, Jon Benet Ramsey?

CNN has some of television's most irritating hosts. Besides the inane Mr King, here my other CNN candidates for the hall of shame.

Wolf Blitzer Delivers everything in pulsating voice. Endlessly repeats unnecessary, redundant, phrases, such as "here in Washington, the nation's capital, the District of Columbia" etc.
Lou Dobbs Plays one key on the piano over and over and over and over. For a while it was "broken borders." Now it's "war on middle class." You'd think he's running for office.
Nancy Grace Personification of "harpy." So much rabid indignation. Seems to see herself as Nancy the warrior princess.
Paula Zahn Queen of foolish questions. Thinks she's getting things "out in the open" but the only thing that reveals itself is her limitation as a newsperson. Should have stuck with the cello.