Bowling tournament

Henry's longshots

Team Henry Team Henry minus Henry: (L-R) Réal Rafe, and Don

Réal's winter bowling team entered the Desert Invitational Classic tournament over the weekend, and I dropped in to offer moral support and take a few snapshots.

scores are not too shabby Not too shabby these scores. Réal is RM with the 193.

The tournament was a prime spot for people watching, for every possible form and style was on display. Besides that, there were some seriously good bowlers there. Of course, I think anybody with an average above 100 is pretty good, but many of these guys had averages over 200. That's seriously good.

No, not mine!

Frankly, I wasn't sure if, in some cases, the scores were despite, or because of, an abundant intake of adult beverages.

fashion statement Fashion statement

There were also fashion statements being made. Oh my. You must admit, it is a look. It does get attention.

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