Bret's book

Bret holding his manuscript


Bret finally finished the manuscript of his book. He is so happy and proud of himself!

thickness counts
Thickness counts!
Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.
—Gene Fowler

Bret has been writing this book since forever. When he arrived in August for "a visit," he brought with him a thick stack of handwritten papers and the pages I had typed up for him a year ago. He took over my desk and set about to rewrite everything and make a new draft that he would type himself. He had done e-mail for years, but Microsoft Word? Not so much. OK, not at all. Eventually he got over the blank screen and learned just enough of the menus and toolbar icons to create files, run spell-check, and print it out.

Meanwhile, I, the midwife, could do little more than answer technical questions when asked and remind him to take deep breaths to control episodes of hyperventilating. I decided not to read anything while he was working on it. I knew that if I read it, I would have to give comments and we all know where that would have led! He didn't need that distraction. Better he just plunge ahead and get it done.

It is done. Friday afternoon I packed Bret off to the airport and saw him through the security checkpoint. He's now back in Vancouver.

It's a tremendous accomplishment for Bret, and I'm terribly proud of him for seeing it through.