Home improvement

old chandelier
Old chandelier, awaiting disposal in the garage. Butt-ugly!

Let there be light!

First Paul bought the house. Paul saw the chandelier in the dining room, and Paul said, "That is butt-ugly." Then Paul rented out the house. Paul's tenant saw the chandelier in the dining room and said, "That is butt-ugly. I will remove it and replace it with a fan."

Paul saw the fan and said, "Well, it's an improvement." And then Paul went on to paint, and repair, and replace, and undertake all manner of home improvements. And then he moved in.

But those who came saw the house and said, "It is void of decoration, and darkness lies upon the dining area." And Paul said, "Yes, so shall it be for the time being."

And then Paul found La Caja de Pandora and said, "It is a work of art. It is good. I must have it." But darkness still prevailed and it was as if the art were hidden under a bushel.

And Paul saw the darkness and was chagrined. And so the days passed, until Paul looked upon the darkness and said, "I shall drive thee out!" And it was so.

A wise electrician was summoned and bade make wires go where no wires had heretofore gone. And it was done. And lights were installed and connected to switches. And when the night came again, Paul said, "Let there be light!" And there was light. Paul saw the light and said, "It is good."

Yea, I say unto y'all, "It is good."

It could be worse. Couldn't it?
track lighting
Track lighting under the beam.
painting, lighted
La Caja de Pandora, lighted
A new area rug to delineate the dining area
my people
My people now have their own dais to stand on

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