Bowling final

pin spots

Who would have guessed?

The Fun Handicap summer bowling league season is over and the results are in.

• The Brunch Bunch ended in third place with 34.5 wins. Going into the final night, we were in first place. But that night the second-place Manginas beat us by a little, and the third-place Big Hookers beat their opponent by a lot, resulting in a tie for first place between the Manginas and the Big Hookers. The Big Hookers won the roll-off.

• I retained my standing as Most Improved - Men, but teammate Bob was breathing down my neck as second most improved.

Bob's turkey
Bob went wild the last week of league play. He made another strike in the next frame, but we were all making such a hullabaloo that I forgot to take a picture of it.

• Brunch Bunchers Réal and Bob both won prizes (5th and 6th places, respectively) for High Series - Handicap during the sweeps night.

Ken measuring

Also, Ken took steps to settle his long-standing question about how far apart the pins are. He began by bringing his tape measure to check the width of the lane, then completed numerous equations and not-to-scale drawings to come up with an answer. It would have been too simple to just go on the internet and look it up.

Here's the scoop:

bowling pin dimensions
  • The lane is 41.5 inches wide, ± ½ inch
  • Bowling pins are centered 12 inches apart
  • Pins are 4.5 inches in diameter at the fattest point
  • The bowling ball must be at least 8.5 inches but no more than 8.595 inches in diameter.
pin spots

Therefore, contrary to what often seems the case, a ball rolled exactly at the midpoint between two adjacent pins must knock them both down.

Last but certainly not least: Part of the weekly fees is returned to the teams in proportion to the number of games won during the season. Accordingly, we got about one-third of our weekly fees back. A team celebration is definitely in order!