Happy birthday, Kyle!

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Any excuse for a trip to Kauai

Dave and Stephanie's youngest son Kyle's first birthday would be celebrated by a big luau on Kauai. So, the gang and I — Jim, Angela, Bob, Carolyn, and another Jim — packed our Hawaiian shirts, sun screen, and flip-flops and headed for Kauai. Wouldn't anybody?

Our rental condo turned out to be a huge 4-bedroom house in Poipu where a slight turn of the head gave a stunning view of the mountains as well as the the ocean.


The first night, we were invited to Charlie's new house on the beach for happy hour with heavy pupus (appetizers). Did I mention that the house is on the beach? We're talking a strip of grass, retaining wall, then rocks and water! I could get used to that!

The next morning I was up at the crack of stupid, as usual, and was treated to a magnificent sunrise while sipping my coffee. Strangely enough, I was the only one to see this great sight.


A pair of adorable, lovey-dovey birds perched on the coconut tree next to the lanai. Part of what made them so fun to watch was that they did everything in exact synchrony, sitting right next to each other with wings touching.

That afternoon we piled into the car for Kalaheo, where the luau would be held in a park across the road from the beach. We had been instructed to be there precisely at 3pm and not to be late. It seems that would be precisely 3pm "Hawaiian time," for it was only the California contingent that showed up at three. Never mind, it was a beautiful day.

Cousin Nick
Cousin Nicky sang and played the ukulele for the hula program

There was a full buffet of pupus, a program of Hawaiian music and hula dancing, another band that played every kind of music, and of course the main feast. I even enjoyed the poi this time. And a birthday luau would not be complete without a humongous birthday cake. I completely gave up on trying to figure out who was what to whom — everybody was "uncle" this, "auntie" that, or "cousin" what's-his-face.

It was a great party. Be sure to see the slideshow (sidebar) for a few pictures.