old patio curtains

Ooh! Ah!

When you have a south-facing patio, as I do, draw curtains to shut out the summer sun are practically a necessity. Mine were old and worn when I moved in, but there were so many other things to take care of that I put off replacing them. This spring an unusually mean-spirited wind thoroughly shredded the valance. It was easy, the curtains were essentially disintegrating in place.

shredded valance torn edging ripped tie
old curtains

With the curtains closed, the patio becomes another room, and the ceiling fans make it quite comfortable for most of the morning, even on the hottest days. At the same time, the yellow / dirty-tan color palette of the old curtains didn't set a particularly cool atmosphere.

The new curtains were installed this morning, and they look quite smart, I think.

from outside, partly open
The new ones are in four panels instead of two, providing lots of open and shut possibilities
table area
Here's where you'll find me most mornings
view from the living room
Seen from the living room, the area is bathed in a bright but soothing blue/green light
view from outside
Trés élégant, don't you think?