Shake dat booty


Just not in Texas

When it comes to high schools, Texans know their priorities: football and cheerleaders. It is perhaps understandable, then, that of all the education issues the Texas House could be concerned about, the bill they brought to a vote and passed was one that prohibits high school cheerleaders from performing "in a manner that is overtly sexually suggestive."

Texas cheerleaders

In arguments before the House, the bill's sponsor Representative Al Edwards (D-Houston) argued that dirty dancing contributes to teen pregnancy, high school drop-outs, AIDS, herpes, and "cutting off their youthful life at an early age."

Edwards claims to have "seen it with my own eyes." (Houston Chronicle)

I guess cause and effect works a bit differently in Texas.

Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Crystal
Crystal of the Cowboys Cheerleaders, 2004

The gold standard for football cheerleaders has, of course, been defined by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, not exactly known for modest outfits and innocent looks.

Why doesn't the Texas legislature pick on them?

Fine irony, indeed!