clump of poppies

In pursuit of poppies

Next time I'm taking my parka

Yesterday, I took a drive with friends Real and Bob to Lancaster to check out this year's crop of poppies and other wildflowers at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.


We let Prius guide us through the back roads and it was a beautiful drive. It was also exceptionally cold and windy when we got there. As a result, the poppies were mostly closed, and our enthusiasm for extended exploration was severely tested, but it was still absolutely amazing. The fields are simply carpeted with poppies and other wildflowers, so even closed there were vast areas tinged with orange, yellow, or purple.

California Poppy. There are two sorts, distinguished by 4 or 8 leaves

Lacy Phacelia

Unidentified yellow flower

Real gets close to nature

Real and Bob. It was so windy it lifted Real's eyebrows as well as his hair

The park is about 15 miles west of Lancaster. There are miles of walking trails. But before you go, check the weather conditions and take warm clothing!