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What's wrong with this story?

Chez Paul has apparently become the site of choice for travel commentary. The following unsolicited contribution is just in.

sunlight on window sill

Hi All,

Life is wonderful.

I woke up this morning in a very comfortable bed to see the bright sunlight streaming into my room. My room is on the East side of the building so the light is beautiful, not overwhelming. From my bed I can look across the valley to where the day's new sun lights up the hillside. An incredible splash of green in all its variations.

There are several small shops near where I'm staying. Incredibly, they each offer several kinds of coffee. I'm partial to a Sumatran variety that has just a hint of acid to it. I picked up one of the quaint local English papers and sat with my back to the sun as I read about the affairs of yesterday. Of course the focus is on local news, but there's a sprinkling of the world - truth be told it's more than I want to know.

The coffee shop I'm in is on a street that has flowering cherry trees every 25 feet. Right now they are covered with white blossoms that are just beginning to fall. Soon I'm sure the street will be covered in their white petals like a light powder of snow; as if snow was even possible in this climate! Today they say it will be 82 degrees. I think it might go higher since the air on my skin is already warm.

Did I mention it before? Life is wonderful.

Signing off for now from wonderful saratoga, california. I have to go to work.

Your Fellow Traveler

Note. If you still don't get what's wrong with this story, re-read the first paragraph and, if necessary, read this clue.

Hoaxers would do well to remember that I do in fact watch the morning sun light up the sides of the valley many mornings, and you've got to keep your directions straight to pull one over on me. But damned good try!