The meaning of 'ugly'

Bellagio the dog
Bellagio. Neapolitan mastiff and winner of Best in Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Bring on the botox, please!

I was browsing through the photo galleries at the Washington Post this morning and came upon the canine specimen shown here. Bellagio is a Neapolitan mastiff, a breed shown this year for the first time at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and Bellagio won the Best in Breed award.

The mere mention of "dog show" often conjures images of little frou-frou dogs being primped and preened, prodded and poked, and generally treated the way no self-respecting dog, or any animal for that matter, ought to be treated. In truth, no human ought to be treated that way, either!

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Dog shows are easy to mock, as the movie Best in Show brilliantly demonstrates. It's hard to tell who is more neurotic, the handlers or the handlees.

Bellagio, Italy
Bellagio, Italy
Bellagio, Las Vegas
Bellagio, Las Vegas

And who picks out names for these dogs anyway? Take "Bellagio" for instance.

Bellagio is a famous resort town in northern Italy, renown for its stunning scenery and lively arts scene.

Bellagio is also the name of one of the newer hotels in Las Vegas, noted for its classic, restrained style amidst the glaring neon of The Strip. In short, Bellagios are things of beauty.

Then there's Bellagio the Neapolitan mastiff. Surely some will claim that he is also a thing of beauty. I say, that dog was over-supplied with ugly genes.