Cross-country adventure pictures

Go west, young man

Travels of my sister

While the weary travelers have lain snug in their beds, I have selected a few pictures to illustrate the story so far. Most were taken by the travelers themselves, a few were taken by me upon their arrival.

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The happy travelers ready to set off on their adventure. A bad hair day and a sour face are not an auspicious beginning!
wheels in wheels
Wheels in wheels. Edna rode in the middle, strapped in various Lazy-Boy positions
Tom at Red Rocks
Tom at Red Rock Canyons. Perspective is everything
At Hoover Dam
Joni, Carl, and Edna at Hoover Dam. They thought the dam was awesome and came away with and inexhaustible supply of trivia
They are arrived
They are arrived Chez Paul They backed in because the van unfolds its ramp to the right

Edna, Carl, and Joni relax on the patio
Edna reviews trip pictures
Edna reviews Tom's pictures from the trip so far