Just like McD

They're everywhere you want to be!

Chez Paul namesakes are being discovered everywhere!

Chez Paul Maui

The latest Chez Paul discovery was made by Alan and Dale on a recent trip to Maui. I'd eat there, wouldn't you?

An earlier discovery of a Chez Paul in Paris — France, not Kentucky — was brought to my attention by Jim.

Unlike the famous corporation alluded to in the title of this piece, I do not intend to engage in any petty squabbling over the rights to the name Chez Paul. In fact, I have so much respect — make that fear — of their corporate lawyers that I will not even spell out the name lest I be served with a summons to court to defend my dastardly behavior. But y'all know who I mean!

I've even started a gallery of Chez Pauls. Drop in when you're in the neighborhood. Tell 'em Paul sent you.