Lunch-Bunch reunion

the lunch bunch from HP Mayfield
(L-R) back: Andy, Ken, Paul; front: Kim, Susan, Barb

We still know how to laugh

Once upon a time, long, long ago, several of my HP co-workers and I formed a regular lunch bunch. We ate together in the Mayfield site cafeteria almost every day and shared stories and jokes, gossiped, and laughed about everything. It's been at least six years since we all saw each other (no one can figure out exactly how many years it's been), but we all got together again in Palm Springs for a few more laughs and good times.

My friend Ken and I both retired from HP on the same day, and we both now live in Palm Springs, and we both have brunch together with additional friends every Sunday. We often talked about how similar our two bunches — brunch-bunch and lunch-bunch — were and how fun it would be if we could get both groups together.

After many such discussions, I finally sent out a message: Hey, gang! Want to come to Palm Springs for a reunion? Amazingly, everyone said yes, and even more amazingly, we were able to find a date when everyone was available and willing. Reunion on!

It took less than five minutes after everyone arrived Chez Paul for breakfast (with bloody Marys to start) for the "Remember    ?" to start.

  • Andy produced a Christmas sock Kim had made for everyone in our workgroup one year
  • The tale of the sausage had to be retold, recalling the fierce accusations: "Did you put this on my chair?"
  • And remember how Andy used to clip his fingernails at work? Clip. Clip. Clip.
  • "I've gained 10 pounds. Retirement does that to you," said Andy looking directly at Paul. How rude!
  • What conversation among retirees would be completely without a discussion of ailments, aches, and colonoscopies?
  • And by the way, What does a peach handkerchief mean again?

You get the idea.

Andy guards his Bloody Mary
Don't anybody touch my friend or my bloody Mary!
the happy couple
Don't they make a lovely couple?

Group photo! Of course we needed a group photo. It was only when we looked at the pictures that we realized how possessive Andy was being. In every picture he is holding fast to whoever is next to him!

Susan in rumble seat

After rounds of bloody Marys and breakfast we piled into my car for a bit of sightseeing. First stop was Palm Canyon. Susan, being the smallest, had to ride in the rumbleseat.

canyon floor with flowing stream

Because of all the rains, a lot of water was still flowing in the stream at the bottom of the canyon, and all the bent-over plants were evidence that the water had been much higher.

The waterfall near the Trading Post was a special treat — water was falling!


We also went to The Living Desert, showcasing plants and animals from the world's deserts. Alas, we ran out of time because the park was closing. Besides, we had to get on to Ken's for his special home-made pizza.

Sunday brunch. On Sunday morning, everyone assembled Chez Paul for more bloody Marys, including the Brunch Bunch who came over to get acquainted before brunch.

bloody Marys on the patio
Brunch Bunch meets Lunch Bunch. (L-R) Ken, Susan, Kim, Réal, Phil, Bob, Barb, and Andy (Click picture to enlarge)

At the Rainbow Cactus, Brad our waiter kept the champagne flowing freely, and three hours later Ken and I ferried everyone to the airport for their flights home. There seemed to be a pretty strong consensus that getting together is worth doing again — Dare one say on an annual basis?