Statute of limitations needed

Holy ghost of Christmas past

My niece Carol, third daughter of third sister Edna, sent me an email saying, "We were digging through some old photo albums, trying to find a picture of Nancy [first daughter] and/or me with blonde hair (some of our kids don't really believe we used to be blonde), when we came across some really great pics that we thought you might enjoy."

Here's one of them:

picture of me in an earlier lifetime
Me, sometime in the last century

It should now be self-evident that there needs to be a statute of limitations on old family pictures, especially of me. This is clearly of the hippie-era: Beard! Paisley shirt! Long hair! The only saving grace is that the bottoms of my pants legs are not visible — want to bet on bell bottoms?

And this picture proves that pictures do lie— I know I had hair on the front of my head!

There's just one thing to say to niece Carol: God'll get you for this!