Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

And "Good riddance!" to 2004

The calendar is all screwed up. The new year ought to be celebrated on December 21, the winter solstice, for it is then that the darkness of winter starts to recede and the promise of brighter days begins. In fact, if we could skip right from the solstice to New Year's Day, we could cut out all that Christmas silliness.

Let's just hope that 2005 turns out better than 2004. It was 2004, after all, that brought the natural disaster of a massive earthquake and tsunami that wiped out coastal regions along the Indian Ocean killing over 100,000 and leaving many times that number homeless and with their lives in ruin. It also brought the unnatural disaster of re-electing (or electing for the first time as some would insist) George W Bush to another four years to wreak havoc on the US through culture wars, undermining the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, dismantling the social safety net, accumulating massive debt, blatant cronyism and corruption, and all the while hoodwinking over half the population into thinking this is good for them while fooling none of the rest of the world who see us as the hypocritical international bully our government has become.

The new year also reminds me, as I set up the folders for the 2005 edition of these Chronicles, that williamsonpsp.com has been going since 2002. This section of the website alone has more than 450 pages. It's not so much a surprise that I would have so much to say, but it is a genuine surprise to find that so many people read what I have to say on a more or less regular basis.

In the face of all the daunting challenges before us, it can sometimes seem hard to know where to begin. How about these for New Years resolutions?

  • Be good to yourself and those you love and care about
  • Do good for those you don't even know who are less fortunate than you

Happy New Year!