More than a mouthful

More Than A Mouthful sign

Lunch Chez Marilyn

Friends Alan and Dale are here for the holidays, and we met for coffee this morning. One thing led to another and it was time for lunch. I suggested they try More Than A Mouthful, a new (to me) discovery downtown.

You know that MTAM isn't your average dining establishment when you see its sign, a huge pair of bright red lips, suspended from the overhang.

We took our seats and tried to decide what to have for lunch. I was both drawn to and vexed by an item called Open Faced Lobster Salad. What's that about, an open-faced salad? I engaged my table in a Socratic dialogue: "Has anyone ever heard of a closed-face salad?" Robert, at the next table, chimed in with the observation that that was like the sign at Jensen's Market for "live, cooked Dungeness crab."

Determined to get to the bottom of this, I queried challengingly our server when she came to take our order, "How is an open-faced salad different from a closed-face salad?"

"They don't close up the bread. They leave it open," she replied in that tone of voice reserved for imbeciles and geezers.

It was then that I noticed that the Open Faced Lobster Salad was under the category Sandwiches. Oh.

It was then time for the photo op. Here we are with Marilyn, who stands on the sidewalk attracting attention:

photo with Marilyn Monroe statue
Alan, Marilyn, Paul, and Dale. Dale is the one caressing Marilyn's thigh.

Our food arrived. "Is that clear enough, now?" asked our server with a smug smile as she passed over the Open Faced Lobster Salad Sandwich.

"Quite," I replied.

And that's what I like about More Than A Mouthful — they give as good as they get! And the food is delicious, too.