Joshua at two

Will the twos be terrible?

By popular request — OK, two people have asked — I'm happy to report that young Joshua is just shy of two years old: 1 year 345 days to be precise.

young Joshua tree at two years old
Two years old and 5½ inches tall (14cm)
(Click for really big view)

Like almost everything else in the desert, Joshua has developed menacing sharp points at the ends of his leaves. Don't mess with Joshua!

In honor of his birthday, I repotted Joshua into a much taller pot. In the wild, Joshua trees send down enormous long roots in search of water, and I think young Josh has been frustrated by the obstacle of the short pot. His roots had circled round and round the bottom of the pot, looking for a way down. Who knows how tall he'd be if his roots had been free!

Joshua's pot-bound roots

It's tempting to find Joshua a spot to grow in the ground, but the gardeners don't have a very good record of watching out for plants they didn't plant. Perhaps when he turns four.