Ham and water product

ham and water product package

It's the label, dummy!

While at the market yesterday, I bought a packaged of sliced ham, thinking of a nice sandwich with mustard and a dill pickle. It was only when I got the package home that I realized I had purchased "ham and water product" instead.

Ham and water product. That's one of those phrases that indicates things are not what they seem. "Processed cheese food" is another, as is "weapons of mass destruction program-related activities."

ham and water product

Caveat emptor. And this emptor didn't read the caveats. They're all right there on the label — it's just that they were overshadowed by the gigantic COOKED HAM so prominently printed on the label with them.

package label
Nutrition label (Click to enlarge)

According to the label, "35% of weight is added ingredients." By law, ingredients must be listed in order from most to least, so it is revealing that the second and third ingredients are water and salt, both of which are inexpensive compared to ham itself. In fact, the sliced ham and water product in this package is so salty that a single slice — and who will eat just one? — contains 22% of an adult's daily recommended intake of sodium. Eat five slices and you've just consumed an entire day's allotment of salt!

glass of water

Others may hold different opinions, but I, for one, prefer to take my water product in a different form!