Counter-top shake-up

Krups smiling

Krups returns

The morning coffee team Chez Paul has been thoroughly shaken up in a series of decisive and surprising moves.

Capresso in garbage
Capresso, who held so much promise, came to an sorry end. (Click to enlarge)

Capresso — the coffee grinder with a burr up its mechanism — suddenly found herself ignominiously relegated to the trash. Moulinex, who had foreseen Capresso's downfall, was insufferably smug. "Told you so, told you so!" she chanted.

Kitchenaid coffee grinder
KitchenAid coffee mill. Stainless steel lid. Glass bean hopper. Choice of 16 grinds. Precision stainless steel grinding burrs. Measuring glass. (Click to enlarge)

Pressed for an explanation, Paul said simply, "She wasn't performing up to expectations. She was sloppy in her work, often strewing ground coffee all over the counter. And besides, some of her plastic parts had broken, and she was losing functionality."

The new coffee grinder is KitchenAid, with a distinctly retro look. Moulinex, realizing that she was not destined to return to coffee-grinding duties sniffed loudly, "Retro my foot! She looks like a tart all dressed in red like that!"

Kitchenaid, who had picked up some rather unsavory language during time spent in sortation centers en route, retorted smartly, "Yo momma!"

sortation centers

Mr Coffee in exile againThen, in the biggest surprise of all, Krups returned, once again relegating Mr Coffee to the role of backup. To be sure, this is not the original Krups but a nearly-identical twin, sent by the good folks at Krups USA.

A brief recap is in order: When Krups went kaput, I recounted the story here. Unbeknownst to me, one of my faithful readers sent Krups USA an email referring them to my webpage. Krups in turn sent me an email urging me to contact them to provide more details, which I did. At this point, the Krups system broke down totally, for Ann, the person who answered the phone, hadn't the foggiest idea why I was calling. Nevertheless, she made an excellent recovery and asked me to send the kaput Krups back "for testing." About a month later, Ann called again to say that a new Krups would be sent to me and to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

So, Krups gets a hearty Bravo! and Job well done! commendation.

new coffee team

And to the new morning coffee team Chez Paul, we say, "Good luck. And watch your step. One strike and you're out!"