Soirée Chez Ray

Party time!

Charlie from the hills of Mendocino county was down for a concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, so Ray had a party. There was Charlie and Ray, of course, Bob and Carolyn, Jim and Angela, Kaye and Susan from New Zealand, and me.

Ray did a leg of lamb in the smoker, and it was fantastic!

A few snaps.

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Charlie puts the finishing touches on the Greek salad while sampling Jim's "Maker's Mark Slush"
A fabulous feast: smoked leg of lamb with cucumber and yogurt sauce, sliced red onions, pita bread, Greek salad, and wine
There was a lot of laughing. Note to self: Get your finger out of the way the next time you take a picture.
Who knew Ray could play the piano? I mean really play! And so could Charlie. Doesn't everyone have two pianos in their house?
I think Jim just invited Susan over to see his etchings.
O-mi-gawd! He was serious! Actually, they're photographs.

Meanwhile Chez Jim

Gothic Sculpture by Paul WilliamsonOne of Jim's projects is finding creative works by people who have the same name as his friends. Then when you visit him, he scatters these about to see if you notice.

Gothic Sculpture by Paul Williamson

Who knew, for example, that I had such an abiding interest in Gothic sculpture?