Scene in Twain Harte

Twain Harte arch

Smile for the camera

Here are some miscellaneous snaps from the weekend. There's no big story, just pictures.

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Lunch at Villa Dora Lunch in the great new outdoor dining area at Villa Dora: Ray, Carolyn, Jim, Bob
Socializing on the deck All hands on deck for the morning koffee klatch: Carolyn, Bob, Jim, Ray, Paul's legs
Jim and Bob Wireless Bob and bookish Jim
Rohrshach test It fell out of the umbrella, like a mountain Rorschach test
Ray and Bob wait at the tee Ray and Bob wait their turn at the tee
Shucking corn for dinner Shucking sweet corn for 4th of July dinner
Lucas watches Ray shuck Lucas closely studies technique from 'Uncle Ray'
Lucas and Alison set the table Lucas and Alison set the table... Good kids. Daddy Dave is apparently unimpressed
Dinner on the 4th 4th of July dinner: tri-tip, salad, tomatos with mozzarella, sweet corn
Alison with patriotic headgear Alison models patriotic headgear while devouring berry crumble
Bob's plate of desserts Bob enjoyed the desserts
Lucas mugs for the camera At first Lucas stayed in the car because he was too 'shy' -- yeah, right!
link to movie
Alison and Lucas mug for the camera. (Movie, no sound. Requires free Apple QuickTime player.)