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Eureka: it does exist!

I had despaired of ever encountering real customer service. Eureka! I have found it.

A bit of background: After moving my website to a new web hosting company, I found my bandwidth — the amount of little electronic bits sent out by the site over the internet — went through the roof, and I began to get notices that my site was about to exceed its limit. It turned out that some pictures on my site were immensely popular with certain bloggers and forums that were making direct links to my images. Every time someone read that forum page, my site would have to transmit the picture, a practice known as bandwidth stealing.

At first this provided entertainment, for I would replace the original linked picture with a new one. But when this sudden popularity drove my bandwidth over the limit, my provider shut down the site, and I had to start paying for excess bandwidth (which was actually a minimal amount, but it's the principle of the thing). I activated "Hotlink Protection" to foil the bandwidth bandits.

Which brings us to yesterday, when I received the following email note:

Hello Paul - you had an issue a few months back where you needed extra bandwidth - in grand total you were charged $3 - we have now removed the extra bandwidth as a regular recurring monthly charge etc... as we assume you no longer need it - if you do in fact still require extra bandwidth just let us know and we can take care of it - thanks, Atjeu

Without any prompting from me, Atjeu Hosting (the home of followed up and took an action that benefited me. I was utterly blown away!

Everyone has horror stories of being stuck in tech support hell, trying to solve some problem. How wonderful to have customer support solve a problem without even being asked!

Atjeu Hosting

Yes, it does make a difference.