Stalking the roadrunner

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Beep, beep

Early Sunday, while I was on the patio reading the papers, Rodney (Rhonda?) the Roadrunner came trotting across the patio, bold as brass. Of course I didn't have my camera.

I saw my first roadrunner — except the ones being pursued by Wily Coyote — almost two years ago right after I moved here in the parking lot at Ralphs. The remarkable thing about roadrunners is that they look exactly like the ones in the cartoons, and they move the same way. And that was that. I didn't see another one until this week.

This one came through an opening in the patio wall and continued calmly right in front of me to dive into the bush under the tree in the corner of the patio, thence to the top of the wall, to the lawn and away. I was so surprised to see it that it took a moment to realize what it was.

On Monday morning I thought for a second or two about bringing my camera onto the patio. Nah, there's no chance it will come back again. Famous last words. A few minutes later, Rodney poked his head through the same opening, walked over and hopped onto the hedge, where he posed smugly for a moment or two before going on his way. Double darnation!

Tuesday I brought my camera with me. No roadrunner.

Wednesday, I brought my camera with me. No roadrunner.

This morning, I left my camera inside. Well, good morning, Rodney, you blighter, you!

I dashed inside to grab the camera and went stalking the roadrunner for a picture. Naturally, he wouldn't stand still, and the top-knot was flattened out instead of standing up. I grabbed the only shot I could. Today.

Two can play this game. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

BoomerMeanwhile, here's a picture of Boomer, the latest plaything of neighbors Pete and Barbara's grandkids. He's cute as a button, and about as big.