Super size me

super size me movie poster

You gotta see it!

Suppose you ate every meal for 30 days at McDonalds. No exceptions. And suppose that everytime you were asked if you wanted to super size your order, you said yes. That's the premise of Super Size Me, the movie.

Super Size Me was conceived by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock who also served as the film's protagonist and guinea pig. And that's pig as "pig-out." The film is about the American obesity epidemic and the role in it played by fast food, epitomized by McDonald's.

Whatever you think of the "McDonald's made me fat" lawsuits — which inspired the movie in the first place and are now precluded by the "cheeseburger law" — Super Size Me will make you think, and it will give you many genuine belly laughs, pun intended.

I did my own spontaneous market research when the lights came up and people began to file out of the theater: Only one person in the audience, not counting me, was overweight, and none could be called obese. Clearly the film is not reaching the target audience!

Big Mac McDonald's declined to be interviewed for the film, and do not deign to respond to Spurlock: "We see no reason to respond to Morgan Spurlock...." The McDonald press-release regarding the movie is here.

As a post-script at the end of the film points out, McDonald's stopped offering super-size menu items shortly after the film came out. Of course there would be no connection....