Bandwidth exceeded

Shut down!

For a time on Sunday afternoon, people trying to access saw a blunt message from my webhost that the site had been blocked:

bandwidth exceeded message from webhost

But, but, but...! What about freedom of the press?

Fortunately, I had learned last week how to submit a "support ticket" to my webhost. It must be done at a special webpage, no phone calls allowed. (Following the voice prompts at their telephone number leads to a message that says, "Except for emergencies, all support is through email." Pressing the button for emergencies leads to a message that says, "We mean real emergencies, and a real emergency is one of the following situations: ....")

So, I submitted a support ticket, which was responded to and additional bandwidth provided within 32 minutes. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. I was also warned to expect a charge on my next invoice!

The information superhighway (and when was the last time you heard that phrase?) is a toll road.

I think — hope fervently — that it will be a modest charge and not a massive punitive one. Only time will tell.