Behold the Easter bonnet

Arenas Road

With all the frills upon it, or whatever

Yesterday was Easter, and in Palm Springs at least three things happened: the religious went to church, including those who took the tram to the top of Mt San Jacinto at 4am for sunrise services; the sacrilegious (so considered by the first group) attended the White Party, an annual Palm Springs event for gays; and those who just wanted to play dress-up concocted a hat for the Easter bonnet contest at the Arenas Road street fair.

Sunday afternoon White Party T Dance The last White Party event, an outdoor dance in the newly renamed "White Party Park" just getting underway at 4pm

The White Party attracts 20,000 visitors from all over and pumps about $4 million into the Palm Springs economy every spring. The White Party (#1) and Biker Weekend (#2) are the two biggest contributors to the Palm Springs tourism economy. The fact that it is held on Easter weekend makes some people upset, but the reality of a tourism economy is that $4M is not to be dismissed lightly.

The bonnet contest attracted about 10 entrants and their efforts at magnificent millinery. There was that, to be sure, although some contestants demonstrated more creativity, enthusiasm, or attitude than craft.

Bonnet contest