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The cost of doing business badly

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Since williamsonpsp.com went online in 2002, I have hosted the site with Bluedomino.

No more.

Atjeu web hosting

The fact that you are reading this article means you are getting the pages from its new host, Atjeu Hosting.

To be fair, there have been relatively few problems with Bluedomino over the past two years. But—

• Over the weekend I discovered that there were no web traffic statistics for the site after March 6. Since this was important but not urgent, I sent an email to tech support and received the auto-reply "We've received your message" message.

• Having had no response nor seen any change in the statistics page by Monday evening, I contacted tech support by online chat. Eventually I did talk to someone who said he would have to refer it to "admin" in the morning. I pointed out that I had already sent an email but had received no response. He apologized and said he would definitely follow up.

• Last night I opened a chat with tech support again. My patience had already been tried:

tech support chat window

My patience was completely exhausted when "Robert" simply closed out the chat window without a progress report nor a promise to get someone right on it.

Fine. There are lots of web hosts out there, and there is no reason to stick with one that doesn't provide good service.

After the most recent episode of problems a few months ago I had researched alternate providers, but decided to stay with Bluedomino to avoid the hassle of moving the site. I was billed on a month-to-month basis, so I could move at any time if there were more problems. This morning I pulled out my notes and arranged for hosting with the vendor I had identified as my first choice.

satisifed Bluedomino customer

Bluedomino has a bit of self-promotion on their home page showing a satisifed customer of three years.

dis-satisifed Bluedomino customer

I've prepared a new graphic for them, although I suspect they may be less than enthusiastic about using it.