Ambassador plenipotentiary

Ambassador Paul

That's Mr Ambassador, if you please!

Long, long ago in a house by the sea, my friends and I were taking the measure of a bottle of Makers Mark "sippin' whiskey" during Super Bowl weekend. I saved a tag from the bottle, offering a free shot glass dipped in trademark red wax in return for signing up on the Makers Mark website as an ambassador of the brand.

shot glass

Well, by the time I got around to visiting the website, the offer had expired. I signed up nevertheless, sure that other wondrous rewards would be forthcoming, besides which I really do like Markers Mark whiskey.

Sure enough, I soon received a diplomatic pouch setting forth my ambassadorial duties, which consisted mainly of convincing others to try Makers Mark. Of course, everyone scoffed and mocked me for having been co-opted into a marketing campaign for nothing more than some pieces of paper with my name on them.

But true Ambassadors are undeterred by such unthinking pshaws.


Then last December, while Jim and Angela were here, another diplomatic pouch arrived with a set of coasters in the shape of the wax seal on the bottles.

"Did you order those?"
"No, they just sent them."
"Because you're an ambassador?"
"Because I'm an ambassador."


A short time later, I received another diplomatic pouch with news that my personal barrel of Makers Mark had been filled and stored away to age. I could go to the website and see my barrel with my name inscribed on it and could also get new ambassadorial business cards showing the number of my barrel.

Business card Ambassadorial business card
My barrel My barrel
Still life with Makers Mark Still life with Makers Mark

Although I was bursting to spread this news, I treated it as a state secret until our Super Bowl weekend in Aptos, where I presented my friends with my diplomatic credentials and their very own shot glass. Of course, I also provided a humongous bottle of Makers Mark for sippin' pleasure.

Now that's diplomacy!

But I doubt that I could get confirmed as President Kerry's Secretary of State.