Palm Springs street names

looking for streets

The last word

When I observed that Palm Springs streets aren't named Street, that served as a signal for nit-pickers everywhere to pore over the Palm Springs map looking nits named Street.

Andy writes:

I came upon several street names. In a little area east of Warm Sands, I discovered several streets as follows: Divina St, Arapaho St, Cherokee St, Rain Cloud St, Logenita St, Seminole St, Fondulac St, and my personal favorite, Minnehaha St. There are also two streets in North Palm Springs – Lilly and Daisy. Perhaps you'll have to update your Chez Paul Chronicle one more time.

Harrumph! On the one hand, I take a measure of satisfaction knowing that my site is sufficiently engaging to provoke additional research. On the other hand, while I am sometimes forced to eat a helping of crow, I don't have to do it willingly!

Indian street names in Ramon Park

The Indian streets. Yes, it is true that Mapquest and other online mapping sites will produce a map showing a cluster of streets with quasi-Indian names, just southwest of Sunrise Way and Ramon Road.

Ramon Park
Fon [sic] du Lac and Indian Paw

But as a resident, I know those aren't real streets. Rather, they are driveways through Ramon Park for mobile homes and RVs. I knew this because I had ridden my bike on all the paths in the trailer park looking for the RV of Chuck and Gordie from Toronto. (I found it on Geronimo, in the same spot where it was parked last year.)

Not real streets. Not real street signs. Some aren't even spelled right (see picture). And since when did Indians have paws? End of that story.

flower streets

The flower streets. Then we come to the flowers: Camellia, Carnation, Poppy, Lilly [sic], and Daisy Streets. Before dismissing these out of hand, I decided to do an on-site investigation. And a good thing, too!

Private Park San Rafael Daisy St. Click picture to enlarge. Other side of the street

The flower "streets" turn out to be wholly within the confines of a gated community, Park San Rafael. You can only catch a glimpse of the signs by peering over the fence. At least they're real street signs. These byways are out in the north end of town, far from the maddening crowd. In fact, on the other side of the street from the complex lies nothing but sand and windmills.

Anomalies. The examples offered up as Streets are clearly exceptions. You might say, they are the exceptions that prove the rule. I stand by my story. The plate of crow can go back in the freezer.