Things I know I don't need

Some people will try to sell anything

You can tell Christmas is coming — every day the mailbox is stuffed with catalogues.

Today's delivery included one from the Johnson Smith Company titled Things Gifts You Never Knew Existed. Since the cover featured such enticing items as a pull-my-finger Santa and a neon motorcycle, I couldn't resist thumbing through.

On a page with Armed Forces Dancing Hamsters and a Bush in the Box I found what some Republican must have thought would be a best seller:

Army playing cards

I note that it has already been marked down by 20%. Guess it's not selling so well.

Well, no wonder. They've made W an ace — should have been the Joker.

Update. Tony emailed to suggest other things that I might not need:

Fake drink to attach to the roof of your car Fake drink to attach to the roof of your car
Works like a cake decorator, but it's not
Novelty toiletpaper Novelty toiletpaper
Fake doggie-doo

Tony's right — I definitely do not need any of these.