Fanny the Flamingo Fanny the Flamingo (Click image to enlarge)

Empty nest

They came to visit, and all I got was this plastic flamingo

On Monday I took Bret and Patrick back to the airport after their stay Chez Paul.

Steamer trunks Steamer trunks (Click picture to enlarge)

Fortunately, I have a station wagon that could accommodate the steamer trunks. Since they both habitually travel light, I teased them mercilessly about their luggage, just to hear them protest one more time that it really wasn't so much because they were traveling "for over three weeks!"

On Saturday we had amused ourselves by taking in the Kinsey Sicks, playing at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio. The Sicks bill themselves as "America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet" and deliver a show filled with bawdy and boisterous parody, as well as very good singing and enough laughs to make your cheeks hurt.

Patrick and purloined flamingo Patrick and purloined flamingo Click picture to enlarge

Following the show, we made stops at various bars, eventually closing Toucans, where it was pink flamingo night. Patrick took a fancy to one of the flamingos and abducted it.

Now they're gone, and all that remains is the flamingo and a few bright accessories that have been appropriated by My People.

My people with festive accessories My people with festive accessories (Click picture to enlarge)
Patrick tying his shoes Patrick tying his shoes (Click picture to enlarge)