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Biker Weekend in Palm Springs

Officially, it's the American Heat Motorcycle and Hot Rod Weekend. I prefer to think of it as HOG Heaven.

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The entire downtown length of Palm Canyon Drive is closed to traffic, at least of the 4-wheeled variety, and lined with booths offering every imaginable goodie to entice the motorcycle enthusiast. Or for that matter, to entice the motorcyclist enthusiast. The City parked its mobile band shell at the intersection of Tahquitz Canyon and Palm Canyon Drive, whence emanates non-stop music, loud music.

People of every imaginable variety are here, afffecting every persona from the tattoo and leather stereotype to the chaste white halter top. To be sure, the latter are definitely underrepresented, and the Social Outcast look attracts more attention. These are identifiable by the words "Social Outcast" embroidered across the back of their black low-rise bikini, worn with black fishnet tights and little else. Imagine it: that's a lot of letters to put in not much space, so many find that a close view is required to decipher the text.


The provisioners of food and drink along Palm Canyon Drive are in their own hog heaven. Sidewalk seating and a misting system virtually guarantee lively activity at the cash register.

It's all quite convivial, although last year's event was cancelled due to "security" concerns. The PSPD have a very visible presence, although their mountain bikes look puny compared to the bikes on steroids favored by most attendees.

As for the hot rod aspect of the event, there are quite a few parked along the street, from classic '55 Chevy's to sleek roadsters that reflect the devotion of someone with far too much money and too much time on their hands.

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