Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Yes, I know the way from San Jose
and it's long!

After a wonderful Labor Day weekend and a great visit with HP folk in San Jose, I headed back to the desert once again. This time I decided to take a more scenic route to the southland, US 101.

Go south

segment 1
  • 10:15am — left San Jose
  • 11:45am — lunch at In-n-Out, somewhere around Paso Robles. I had intended to lunch at San Luis Obispo, but I was simply too hungry too soon.
  • 3:00pm — arrived Santa Barbara

Go east

segment 2
  • Just beyond Santa Barbara, stopped in Summerland to get gas and a triple cafe mocha at The French Bulldog Coffee Shop
French Bulldog

Now, when I saw this quaint little coffee shop I assumed the name was simply whimsical. But I learned from the many newspaper clippings framed on the bathroom wall, there really is a breed of dog called the French Bulldog, although I suppose the Bushies would prefer us to call it the Freedom Bulldog. Anyway, I thought it looked a bit like the Taco Bell chihuahua on steroids.

In retrospect, having a triple cafe mocha before rush-hour traffic wasn't such a bright idea.

  • 3:30pm — left Ventura

To my surprise, traffic moved quite briskly (60-85mph), despite being a getaway Friday at rush hour. However, around Lost Hills, it became mostly slow-and-go past the exits for Mulholland Drive, where it picked up briefly. After the junction with I-405 it reverted to just plain stop and go.

  • 4:30pm — reached junction with CA 134 to Pasadena
  • 4:45pm — reached junction with I-210 in Pasadena
  • 6:11pm — reached junction with I-15 for the short hop down to I-10 just past the Ontario airport.

Until this past December, I-210 ended just past Pasadena, and it was necessary to make a series of easy-to-be-in-the-wrong-lane-to-make-it exits onto smaller freeways to get down to I-10. By going all the way to I-15, this new section of I-210 bypasses one of the most congested sections of I-10.

  • 7:30pm — arrived Chez Paul

Mapquest says that this route, using US-101 instead of I-5 is 492mi and should take 8hr 55min driving time. My time was 9hr 15min — pretty darned close.

I had a wonderful week away, but I'm glad to be home again. I'm also glad to see that my plants survived (this time the gardeners didn't turn off my irrigation system as they did the last time I went away for a few days).

Now I have to light some fires under the insurance company so I can get the flood repairs completed.