President sons of presidents

  John Quincy Adams
President #6
George W Bush
President #43
Daddy John Adams
President #2
George H W Bush
President #41
Born Massachusetts Connecticut
Education Harvard Yale
Talents Accomplished linguist Speaks Texan
How became president Finished 2nd among 3 candidates in both popular and electoral votes, was picked by House of Representatives Finished 2nd in popular vote but won electoral votes after Supreme Court intervened to halt counting of popular vote in Florida
Experience prior to becoming president
  • Minister to the Netherlands (at age 26)
  • Senator
  • Minister to Russia
  • Secretary of State under Monroe (negotiated joint occupation with England of Oregon country and cession of Floridas from Spain, helped formulate Monroe Doctrine)
  • Pilot in Texas Air National Guard
  • Brief "career" in energy business
  • Worked on daddy's presidential campaign
  • Managing general partner of Texas Rangers
  • Governor of Texas
Presidential program
  • Unify country with network of roads and canals
  • Develop and conserve the public domain
  • Lead development of arts and sciences: national university, scientific expeditions, observatory
  • Raise school standards, require accountability, more local control
  • Cut taxes
  • "Save and strengthen Social Security and Medicare" (yeah, right!)
  • Usher in "a responsibility era in America" (that is, "bite me!")
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