Winged migration

I give it three thumbs up!

I usually hesitate to give movie recommendations. One person's "great movie" is another person's "ho-hum movie." But I will make an exception.

Winged Migration is a nature documentary (wait!) about migratory birds (wait! wait!). It consists almost entirely of footage of migratory birds in flight, from the birds' perspective. Simply amazing views. There's almost no narration, perhaps one sentence every five minutes, and minimal subtitles that identify the birds and locations. Other than that, you just watch. Mesmerized. The best way I can describe the movie is to say that for 90 minutes you fly with birds.

You'll leave the theatre asking, "How did they film that?" The answer, found on the movie website, is with a variety of aircraft ranging from ultra-lights to helicopters to balloons, and everything in between. The movie was filmed in dozens of countries all over the globe from Antarctica to the Arctic over several years by a small army of pilots and photographers.

Granted, Winged Migration won't be everybody's cup o' tea. But if you've ever been inclined to marvel at the wonders of nature, you'll probably enjoy this flic. It probably won't play at the local megaplex, and the DVD hasn't been released yet (but you can save it in your Netflix queue in anticipation). But should it happen to play at an art theatre near you, I highly recommend it.

The pictures below are available on the movie website in sizes suitable for use as Windows wallpaper.

crane Crane
albatross Albatross
flamingo Flamingo