Cross currents in the gene pool

Separated at birth? before birth?

My friend Jim is fond, as am I, of the Separated at Birth? type of photos, a hugely popular regular feature in the now defunct Spy Magazine. Jim, himself, was apparently separated at birth from the Chief Propellerhead at Microsoft (bottom of page when you get there).

At any rate, after my article on the spring haircuts given to Palm Springs palm trees, Jim suggested that the palm tree may be another separated at birth candidate.

palm tree frond Palm tree frond
sawfish Sawfish bill

Ouch! Double ouch! Looks like Noah got something mixed up on the ark!

Although I shall surely be mocked for admitting as much, I thought sawfish existed only in cartoons, so I was surprised to find that there really is such a thing.

unidentified man with sawfish Unidentified man with sawfish

Thanks to Jim for finding photos. He's a SAB fanatic.

According to the Sawfish: sharks with swords website, the smalltooth swordfish is now on the endangered species list and as of 1 May, 2003, it is "illegal to capture, injure, collect, or harass sawfishes in American waters."