House with a view

quonset hut

A walk on the upside

I've lived here for almost a year now, and I finally decided to take a walk up the road on the other side of South Palm Canyon Drive. This is the street that leads up to the "quonset hut" that I always use as a landmark for where to turn into my own street.

Quonset hut from below

The house was built by the self-styled "impressario" of the Palm Springs Follies, Riff Markowitz. Although accustomed to the view from my house, I had never ventured across the road to see what it was like up there at Mr Markowitz' aerie.

Cahuilla Hills road sign

A very non-municipal sign marks where the road angles up steeply from South Palm Canyon. Although they are not visible from down below, it turns out that there is a whole cluster of houses up in there, ranging from "ordinary" to "wow!"

ordinary housewow house seen from above, backwow house seen from above, front
cactus plants.

Along the way there were some marvelous cactus plants, blooming profusely. The green hedge at the top is the windbreak planted alongside the quonset hut. security gate At the top of the hill is the quonset hut's security gate, which, of course, I ignored in order to get a better view.

I think Mr Markowitz still lives there; his initials are on the garbage cans.

As expected, there was a great view from above.

My street, seen from above. Click picture to enlarge My street, looking down from on high (Click picture to enlarge)
view of my complex, looking down from above. Click picture to enlarge My complex (Click picture to enlarge)
Looking farther south along Palm Canyon. Click picture to enlarge. Looking farther south along Palm Canyon (Click picture to enlarge)

On the way back down I met two women from Holland who were also walking up to have a look. They had seen me up above and stopped to ask me if it was my house — I wish! "It looks like a man's house," they said, "up there like some fortress on top of the hill." And they had such charming accents I hardly felt the barb as it slipped in!

front entry

Home again from my brief stroll. What's that camera in the window?