Naked bridge update

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Un-coverage gets coverage

Inquiring minds want to know. Or, perhaps, that should be prurient minds. The newly opened Baxandall Bridge — a pedestrian span over Indian Canyon Drive, better known as the 'naked bridge' — continues to attract attention. Take this email inquiry for example:

Is this bridge down by your end of Palm Canyon? Maybe we'll visit you more often.

Faithful readers will recall from a previous article that this bridge connects sections of the Desert Shadows Inn Resort & Villas separated by a major north-south artery in Palm Springs. The bridge was dedicated on 13-Feb-2003 which, as it happened, was a rainy, chilly day. There certainly weren't going to be any naked people crossing the bridge that day.

naked bridge Map to the naked bridge
ribbon cutting
Mayor Kleindienst, close up I don't want to see!

This may have been a blessing in disguise, at least for the Mayor, whose pained expression during the ribbon-cutting ceremony suggested thoughts along the lines of "Get me out of here before I see something!"

naked pedestrians

Later in the week, the clouds and rain gave way to bright, warm sun, allowing the bridge to be used for its intended purpose, as demonstrated here by Jason, Aaron, and Dottie, allegedly the film crew of Nudes in the News for the International Naturists Association (INA).

Pictures stolen from I think it's OK — they'd give you the clothes off their backs!