More appliance tales

As they say in the news business, some stories have "legs." A perfect illustration is my tale about the replacement of my coffee maker and coffee grinder. The story has clearly touched a nerve; it continues to resonate with the experiences of others.

My friend Andy writes:

Paul, I recently read your website entry about failing appliances with great interest, as I had a similar experience last month. dryer repair

Alas, my faithful 1978 Whirlpool gas clother dryer (Model LFE 5800 with the Variable Cycle Selector) had to be replaced by a smart, new Frigidaire Precision Dry from Best Buy. While my Whirlpool looked like new on the outside, it was another story inside. Even though I replaced the belt drive and motor, sprayed everything that moved with WD40 many, many times, the Whirlpool continued its decline, making a loud grinding noise (worn bearing) and taking more time to dry shirts and sheets. The end came early in December when, during a normal load, the new belt suddenly broke and the belt tension arm snapped in two (metal fatigue). Repair or replace? Not an easy decision for a retiree on a fixed income! Fortunately, the timing of the dysfunctional dryer couldn't have been better as my mom had just asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Instead of the usual "oh socks would be fine, Mom", I replied with "how about a new clothes dryer?!"

Well, what a difference 24 years makes in clothes dryer technology. The smart, new Frigidaire Precision Dry is whisper quiet, energy efficient, has a press saver feature, a "micro processor" and even a light inside the drum. I didn't watch as the faithful Whirlpool was dragged down the driveway and loaded onto the Best Buy truck. I was confident in my belief that it and other senior appliances would be recycled into shiny new SUVs as a reward for their many years of service!