Black thumb strikes again

Alas! The plants set out last December with such optimism have already suffered their first casualties.

traumatized basil

The basil appears thoroughly traumatized, perhaps by exposure to excessive cold, although that conclusion cannot be confirmed at this time. Basil's condition has deteriorated rapidly over a three-day period, starting with damage to only 1/3 of its herbage to at least 2/3 currently. The contrast with its original condition only three weeks ago is startling. The basil has been moved to intensive care, but it remains uncertain if it can be saved.


One of the ice plants has also suffered. Wielding a sharp blow to my self-confidence, Angela observed that "It's pretty hard to kill off ice-plant!" To properly appreciate the comment, you must imagine "ice-plant" pronounced with a proper English accent as "ice-plahhnt."

It's not known if the conditions of the basil and the ice plant are related. However, an epidemic of black thumb is suspected. The remaining herbs — sage, rosemary, and thyme — should take appropriate prophylactic measures.