Big wind

On returning home from depositing my final bonus check from HP, I was shocked to find my holiday poinsettia plants tipped over. One had even fallen to the floor.

I immediately suspected malicious mischief on the part of my neighbor's cat. It eyes me obliquely whenever it sashays past my gate, and I'm sure it's just waiting for me to relax my vigilance so it can come onto the patio and shed all over — or worse. I had, in fact, threatened to make cat stew if I found cat hairs on my patio chairs.

street littered with palm husks palm frond husk in street

Alas, the culprit was the wind. The storm buffeting California is making itself felt here in desert in the form of light rain and winds of 22mph with gusts to 45-60mph. Whenever there is strong wind like this the streets become littered with the husks of cut palm fronds. Gusts make the windows rattle and anything not tied down goes flying.