Parade of planes

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Only in Palm Springs

No end of surprises! While out doing errands yesterday, I was astonished to find the street I was on blocked off and turned into a parking lot for airplanes, extending around three sides of the Wyndham hotel. Everything from 2-seater Cessnas to small turbo-props. Several labeled "experimental." Some with propellers on both front and back ends. Some sleek and low-slung like sportscars, others tall and aerodynamically boxy.

It turns out that the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (APOA) is holding a convention in Palm Springs and paraded down the street from the airport to their hotel in their planes. It must have been an awesome sight to see them all taxiing along. One thing for sure, I have to find out when they are going to make the return trip!

Here's the story as posted on the KESQ website:

Palm Springs aircraft convention draws a crowd

They come in all shapes and sizes and you usually see them up in the air. But not today.

This afternoon it was a parade of planes down a busy Palm Springs street, all making their way to the convention center for what's being called the biggest event of the year, so far.

From now through Saturday, this part of the city is going to look like a hangar. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is in town for their convention.

It all kicked off around 2 PM with a ribbon cutting at the airport. More than 80 different planes paraded down the street to the convention center as hundreds of people looked on, many of them pilots in town for the event. There were also a lot of locals enjoying the parade.

The planes are all on display for the public to enjoy through Saturday. The convention also features more than 500 exhibitions and workshops and lectures.