Happy hour

With a little help from my friends, I finally held the long-promised retirement bash.

Susan, who graciously volunteered the use of her house to hold the party
Daphne, who exceeded all expectations by buying more CDs for the party
Yousef, who did all the work
Delectables, of Santa Clara who prepared all the wonderful food

The concept was "happy hour with heavy pupus" (pupu being a Hawaiian word for appetizer and heavy pupus being substantial appetizers and plenty of them). The pupus, as already mentioned, came from Delectables. The happy came from an ample supply of Bombay Sapphire martinis and Jose Cuervo margaritas.

A lot of additional happy came from a bottle of Cabo-Wabo tequila that turned up with Maureen and Tim. Thank you, Maureen and Tim. Those who were still there when the stopper was pulled did extensive taste-testing. The Cabo-Wabo passed with flying colors. Additional flying colors could be seen by closing ones eyes.

In a surprise move, Bob and Craig arrived with a special and very appropriate gift: exquisite martini glasses and — check it out — Bombay Sapphire olive picks and cocktail stirrers. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Craig.

You'll note that although there are four glasses, there are only three olive picks and only three stirrers. I wonder where the fourth one went!?!?

glass markers chandon champagne

Dean gave me some wine and some charming baubles used to identify a person's glass. Thank you, Dean.

And Barbara presented a bottle of Chandon champagne, reminiscent of an off-site way back when we worked together. Thank you, Barbara.

Pictures. Part-way through the evening I lost track of where my camera was (had the same problem with my martini glass!), so I missed getting photos of the people who came later. You can see the ones I got by checking out the slideshow (sidebar)