Lovely parting gifts

My workgroup staged a celebration lunch for the three early retirees from the group: Angel, Angelina, and me. There were suitable gifts for us all.

five more months

For years, I kept a retirement countdown sign on my desk at work, originally in "working days" then switching to months as the time got closer. It started as a joke that I maintained over time to enjoy everyone's reactions and, eventually, to serve as a reminder to myself and others that there's more to life than work. From time to time I would send out milestone images provoking jealous and indignant responses, which only ensured that I'd send more.


At the retirees' farewell lunch, everyone showed up with a sign hanging from their neck with their own personal countdown. Touché!

In separate festivities, my closest friends outside work took me to Dave and Busters for a celebratory dinner and games. There were more gifts given with no shortage of humor. I would be fully prepared for my retirement life.

Enjoy the cornucopia of gifts by checking out the slideshow (sidebar).