Chez Paul


You get what you pay for

| Driving at night has become a little unnerving, especially after having my cataracts removed. There is so much glare from oncoming headlights that it's a little hard to see, especially on older roads with faded lane markers. Although my optometrist says he can make that better, I also know that it will come with a hefty price tag, so I went looking for other solutions. more


Happy New Year 2018

| "Drop a giant ball and hope for the best" — pretty much sums it up. more


Christmas 2017

| The usual suspects assembled on Christmas afternoon Chez Bob for the annual feast and frivolity, both of which were in ample supply. more


And then there were none

| When the wind blew one of my mesquite trees down last week, it was the beginning of the end. Inspecting the fallen tree and comparing it with the three still standing forced the conclusion that the trees were a disaster waiting to happen. All it would take is some winter rain to loosen the dirt and a strong wind to do the tipping. more


Palm Springs Festival of Lights parade 2017

| Palm Springs always holds its Festival of Lights parade on the first Saturday in December. Some years it is bitterly cold; other years quite balmy. This year it was clement: cool, but not so cold as to induce shivering. more

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