Chez Paul


LA County Fair 2016

| For several years now, we have gone to the Los Angeles County Fair — AKA "Pomona Fair." This year was no exception. How could you not go? Admission on Senior Wednesdays this year was $0. Free.   more


Back again!

| And they did! Jim and Angela decided to come to the desert for a weekend, now that both of them are retired and free to gad about. more


Cellphone nation

| Michelle Obama ventured out on the campaign trail to stump for Hillary Clinton with a speech at George Washington University. When she came out on stage, every hand went into the air, and in every hand was a smart phone recording a picture or a video. more


"Day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone"

| Last Wednesday, Donald J popped off to Mexico to visit with Enrique Peña Nieto, the president of Mexico. Although they met behind closed doors, the two of them later appeared in public to make public statements. more


It's my lucky day!

| This morning I received a wonderful email from a banker in Cambodia, offering to share with me a big pile of cash left in an account by a rich client who died intestate. more

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Photos by Rene Koster of a voyage to the South Pole: "I traveled with a sailing ship which was built in 1911; the same period the last great expeditions left for the unknown continent. Thoughts of frozen ships trapped in ice-covered seas cross my mind, images of the photographers who joined these expeditions to report of the unexplored. Fascinated by their stories I head for the same circumstances as those of the early twentieth century. A journey of longing, to a time that once was. An heroic saga; filled with hardship and adventure, in an infinite, barren land."
The stunning results of a photographer’s epic journey to the South Pole (Washington Post)