Chez Paul


Our national disgrace

| Democrats warned us: Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president. Hillary told us. Obama told us. Democrats by the dozens told us. Yet Donald Trump was elected. Now we are paying the price. more


My inbox overfloweth

| Somehow the Trumpeters have gotten hold of my email address, and I now regularly get email about MAGA and other things Trumpish. more


Working on updates

| I knew something was up as soon as I sat down at my desk this morning. That little red light that indicates disk activity was solid. That's never a good sign. more


Fourth of July 2017

| The Fourth of July came early this year, or so it seemed. Time flies when you're old and can't remember! more


Shopping for urinalysis

| Will no one rid me of these meddlesome fallacies? There are two ideas that keep cropping up in American conversation that deserve to be interred: First, that government should be run like a business. Second, that people should shop around for medical care.   more

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Photos by Rene Koster of a voyage to the South Pole: "I traveled with a sailing ship which was built in 1911; the same period the last great expeditions left for the unknown continent. Thoughts of frozen ships trapped in ice-covered seas cross my mind, images of the photographers who joined these expeditions to report of the unexplored. Fascinated by their stories I head for the same circumstances as those of the early twentieth century. A journey of longing, to a time that once was. An heroic saga; filled with hardship and adventure, in an infinite, barren land."
The stunning results of a photographer’s epic journey to the South Pole (Washington Post)