Chez Paul


It's my lucky day!

| This morning I received a wonderful email from a banker in Cambodia, offering to share with me a big pile of cash left in an account by a rich client who died intestate. more


Power to the people — old people

| In July, the Social Security Administration announced that as of August 1, a username and password would no longer be sufficient to log in to one's account on the Social Security website. Users would be required to provide a cell-phone number where they could receive an 8-digit code that would be required to complete the login. more


Creepy ad for Infiniti Q60

| Infiniti has an ad featuring Kit Harrington that is enjoying heavy play right now. Frankly, I find it just plain creepy. more


How can they say things like this with a straight face?

| As is my wont, I was reading opinion pieces in the Washington Post this morning, including one by Marc Thiessen that included a sentence that simply astonished me and left me wondering how in the world could anyone say such a thing without growing a Pinocchio nose. more


Maks and Val — their way

| Friday evening, the usual suspects went to Riverside to attend the penultimate stop on the dance tour of Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy, famously known for their performances on Dancing With the Stars. more

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Photos by Rene Koster of a voyage to the South Pole: "I traveled with a sailing ship which was built in 1911; the same period the last great expeditions left for the unknown continent. Thoughts of frozen ships trapped in ice-covered seas cross my mind, images of the photographers who joined these expeditions to report of the unexplored. Fascinated by their stories I head for the same circumstances as those of the early twentieth century. A journey of longing, to a time that once was. An heroic saga; filled with hardship and adventure, in an infinite, barren land."
The stunning results of a photographer’s epic journey to the South Pole (Washington Post)