Chez Paul


Windows f*ing updates

| It seemed that for weeks Windows would announce, almost every day, that there were updates available and my computer had to be restarted to complete the installation. more


Made in 1943

| Well I'm counting! Being able to celebrate another birthday now seems like a pretty fair accomplishment. The problem is I've lost count of how many times I have to use each toe and finger to do the math. more


Opera in the Park 2018

| After days of punishing wind, Sunday dawned calm — too calm — and the skies were crystal clear — too clear. In short, Opera in the Park 2018 would be a broiler for anyone not under shade. And that turned out to include the usual suspects. more


Superbowl 2018

| Although some of the usual suspects were missing, the annual peripatetic Super Bowl party came off in splendid fashion. more


You get what you pay for

| Driving at night has become a little unnerving, especially after having my cataracts removed. There is so much glare from oncoming headlights that it's a little hard to see, especially on older roads with faded lane markers. Although my optometrist says he can make that better, I also know that it will come with a hefty price tag, so I went looking for other solutions. more

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